Your wedding day is Priceless! From that day forward you will keep your ring, husband, memories and your photos, they will last forever.

Let’s make sure you’re Breathtaking! Our unique transformation, dare we say magic, combines seamless knowledge, the most talented beauty professionals and your beauty goals, to empower you to look amazing, feel amazing and be amazing – on your own terms.

We are innovative, simple, safe and a whole lotta’ fun.


Stunning. Breathtaking. Beautiful. When it comes to Indian weddings, it is truly the bride who shines the most and she can’t do it without her hair and makeup team.

We are skilled Indian wedding makeup and hair stylists will bring an artistic eye to your wedding planning experience often making it one of the bride’s favorite parts of planning. Whether your wedding day look is bold, colorful and embellished or the delicate and sophisticated essence of Indian bridal couture, a great Indian wedding makeup artist will find ways to complement each outfit, highlight your best and brightest features, and make you feel like a true princess.


Celebrating a milestone birthday? Hosting a killer New Year’s Eve party? Just want to look your best when meeting the in-laws for the first time?

We’re available for special event makeup for any event. In fact, many of our bridal clients come back to us over and over again to do their makeup throughout the years.


Whether you’re a budding makeup artist looking to hone your skills, looking for advice on how to do your day-to-day makeup, or want to give your teen the gift of foundational skincare and makeup skills, we’re here for you.

INCLUDES: four-hour in-person makeup application lesson that covers two looks; recommended product list


Advanced facials are only provided by expert hands. We use high quality facial products combined with advanced technology to optimize results & treat skin conditions such as acne, acne scars, mature or aging skin, wrinkles & fine lines, dead skin, dry skin, dark spots, & more.


Whether you shoot families, weddings or models, you will have an advantage as a photographer if you know how to apply makeup well for the subjects in your photoshoots. Even if you work with a makeup artist, as the photographer, you are ultimately responsible for the overall look in your images, so you need to be aware of how makeup can contribute to the look of your images. Having a good knowledge of makeup for photoshoots will allow you to get the look you envisioned for your images, keep your subject or client happy and spend less time editing imperfections in Photoshop!


Investing time and money in plastic surgery is not necessary when you can use makeup to get the same results. Skillful use of makeup can create the illusion of surgery, but is a much safer method and also costs a lot less. Some makeup techniques are simple enough to use at home, and some are best left to a professional makeup artist who can achieve the most effective results. Plastic surgery with makeup can create the illusion of Bigger lips, A slimmer nose, Smoother skin, Younger, brighter eyes


Whether you don’t have time to do your own makeup, don’t have the skills to achieve the spooky look of your dreams, or you’re simply not in the spooky spirit (but you’re getting dragged to a party anyways), having a makeup artist do your makeup for Halloween could be the move you need to make.

From transforming into the most glittery unicorn to a creepy skeleton, the possibilities are essentially endless when you have a professional doing the job. Hiring a trained makeup artist probably seems expensive, so if you think spending a ton of money on one night of the year is silly, don’t worry you won’t settle for doing your own and messing it up: There’s affordable ways to get your makeup done, too.


The ocean-themed, rainbow-fish-esque creations—complete with shimmering scales, an ethereal glow, and turquoise-hued shadows—will be everywhere for Halloween.

It’s not hard to see the appeal. With searches for iridescent highlighter and purple eyeshadow at an all-time high, mermaid Halloween makeup is the one time of year you can go hard—even if the trends aren’t your normal go-to in real life.


You want the special effect makeup brands that make your exciting and terrifying makeup concepts a reality. That’s why we carry such an extensive range of special effects makeup products to serve our customers across an entertainment industry with such diverse demands.